My Dream Escort

I have the best job according to all my colleagues and associates. I run a marketing business who have links all around the world. We manage and head top businesses marketing and promotion strategies, it’s really exciting but very time consuming. So for work I get to travel a lot which is amazing for my life experiences but I tend to feel that I don’t belong anywhere. I haven’t set down any routes made any long term friends or been able to spend time with a woman to cultivate a long lasting relationship. I visit London very often literally every month and I stumbled across an escort agency that has great girls whom I love to spend time with. One London escort in particular Lolita. She’s amazing. I feel like I have a connection with her more so than the other girls from London escorts. Every time I’m in London I carve out sometime to spend with Lolita. Where I can I like to spend the whole day and night with her I guess it just depends on my schedule.

Im scheduled to go to London in a week and I have a special surprise for my sexy little minx at London escorts. I want to show her that out of all the girls I have dated at London escorts that she means the most to me.

She makes me feel special she listens to me complain about work and helps me to resolve issues with colleagues and technical stuff with work strategies. Not only does lolly listen but she enjoys the same things that I do. We enjoy fine French wines we both could eat cheese and bagels for the rest of our lives, she’s even told me that her friends at London escorts don’t share her love for food so she tends not to go out on team dinners which makes her feel isolated at London escorts but with me she is free to be herself. Blueberry muffins are our favourite breakfast and apple crumble with more crumble is our favourite desert.

So I have a surprise for my London escort angel that I hope she will like and see how much I care about her. I’m going to start by getting the receptionist to book her and tell her that I am a new client. I will start the day bŷ getting her to meet me at Starbucks in London for our favourite blueberry muffin breakfast and a coconut chai latter then we will go shopping in London as we both love vintage shopping. After all that walking I know that a glass of French wine and great cheese platter will go down a treat so I have located a small French owned Resturant and told the owners what kind of food we want so they will have it ready for when we arrive. I can’t wait for her to take pics and post them so her London escorts friends will go green with envy. Finally I have booked a private boat that will travel down the Thames at sunset, and from there who knows what will happen. I just hope my beautiful London escort angel will see how much she means to me.

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